I don't have any more plans to post on lj anymore. I've created a feed on livejournal that you can add to your friends list: gnumatt. That feed pulls from my personal site.

I will continue reading and periodically commenting on people's posts though.

"Who the hell comes missionary anymore?!"

Now here's a blog with refreshing honesty about why they're drawn to public service. I have a "glamour job" on the Hill. That is, I could not care less about gov or politics, but working for a Senator looks good on my resume. She is, or rather was till today, an aide for Republican Senator Mike DeWine from Ohio.

It's mostly about all the sex she had or wanted to have. This includes apparently getting $400 for a "long lunch." I thought this entry was a gem:
I am done with W, for real this time. A man who tries to fuck you in the ass when you are sober does not love you. He should at least take you out for a few drinks to spare you the pain. Now I know that W does not care about me, only my asshole.

See it works on two levels. One is the literal about her date with some guy. Then you have the second symbolic level of George W. Bush and the American people. :)
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And we're doomed to repeat it...

After a particularly pusillanimous, groveling letter from the leadership of Atlanta to stop destroying their city Sherman sent back what must have been a devastating reply. His response to the people of Atlanta seems to capture a much more complex person than I ever came to understand in my US History classes.

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Burn it all down.

I watched Sherman's March (1986) tonight. I have no idea how this ended up in my queue. I think it was mentioned in a green cine newsletter. A documentary filmmaker sets out to explore William Tecumseh Sherman, the Union general who waged total war on the South's civilian population.

Instead he spends a lot more time documenting his ailing love life, talking to a number of Southern women, his fear of nuclear holocaust, and trying to get Burt Reynolds on film. At two and a half hours I was a little concerned that this foray into his mostly trivial and mundane life would be tedious. I quite enjoyed it. Luckily he gets some really good characters like his sister (who's getting plastic surgery), a flirtatious, exercise fanatic wanna-be actor named Pat and an old teacher who desperately wants him to get married. Along the way he takes little breaks to talk about Sherman.

It should have been awful, a tedious exercise by a self-indulgent documentarian. A Michael Moore without any grand ambition or humor but I was pleasantly entertained the whole time. I think part of it is laughing at trends from the late 70s and early 80s. Another part is how things are the same now as they were in the movie, or even during Sherman's time.

My dogs are barking

I suck. I didn't make it to Decatur. I made it to the Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church at 7565 Greenbrier Rd. in Madison, AL and walked up to I-565 to get a ride back. I saw trains every hour and a half. I even hopped on one and rode it for a few seconds imagining a hobo life. I blistered my right pinky toe, and the backs of both heels within the first hour. I guess the Salomon hiking shoes I used still need some breaking in. I saw lots of dead opossum, or at least their bleached skeletal remains. I saw a cool looking copper colored snake. I picked up a plastic bag with envelopes sealed inside labeled "Haz Mat" with other numbers written on it. I think it fell off one of the trains. I saw a little tent village under one overpass next to the tracks. I had diarrhea and forgot to bring toilet paper. I saw lots of grafitti extolling the virtues of being "High Till I Die" or just getting stoned out of your gourd.
Most cool of all is that I reached a point where I didn't know exactly where I was. Figuring out where I was may have been easy but it was still fun feeling like I was off the map for an hour or two.
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Finding Resolve

Tomorrow morning I'm taking off on a walk around 8am or 8:30am. I'm walking from my house to the nearby town Decatur via the Southern railroad line. I just want to get to the L&N Railroad junction in Decatur. It's around 26 miles by car. It's a little harder to estimate the distance by walking along the train tracks. I'm hoping that I'll see some new sights along the way since I'm bringing my camera.
The hope is that I can get ready for a hike from Huntsville to Dallas in late September. Beyond that I'd love to be fit enough to tackle this new Coast 2 Coast route. Although my mind and body can't imagine exactly how hard a 30miles/day pace for 9 months over 7,700 miles truly is.

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Have you met my friend?

It's Playtime

Had great fun in the 2004 24 Hour Video Race. We got our short in 9 minutes before the midnight deadline. We had to build a 5 minute or less short film around the following four things: (1) Location: Playground (2) Prop: Ladder (3) Theme: Easy Money and (4) Line of Dialogue: "You can have it."

I found out last night our video made the finals.

You can download the video [15MB] or the outtakes [15MB]. You may need the 3ivx codec to view it.

Keep in mind that none of us do this for a living, and that 24 hours is not very much time. :)
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(no subject)

Today David and I head to Dallas for the 24 Hour Video Race. I am very much looking forward to seeing old friends. While I'm there I'm adding a new server to my co-located servers.

Have fun graduating this weekend mariapapita.
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Mumbai Dreams

Grabbed a new 802.11g wireless router for the house hoping it would make the new powerbook happier. I have to configure the Internet connection w/new router.

Crap. It didn't work the first time.

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The rash

I was a bit foolish this week and didn't really take any precautions from the sunlight. I even spent about 45 minutes underneath a cloudy sky eating lunch on Friday. It caught up with me.

Yesterday afternoon on into the evening left my forearms and neck broken out in that old familiar rash. My lips have gotten in on the action too. Although since moving back to Huntsville one part of them seems to be in permablister mode any way. Another new twist is the right side of my face around my eye. This showed up after enduring sandstorms in the Moroccan Sahara. I guess the sand blasting removed some protective layer of skin around my eye. My hands aren't having any problems. I guess they've completed their Spring "molting" from the semi-constant exposure to sunlight.

It's all so embarrassing not looking like everyone else. Thankfully right now it's not that bad. I can venture out into public without too much anxiety. It just burns and itches and irritates as my clothes rub against my skin.
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